The Joy of Another Season


I realized today that spring is quickly wrapping itself up and moving us toward the beautiful, warm days of summer.  We here in Colorado, like so many parts of the country, enjoy a true four seasons.  I love spring in the Mile High City! I always have.

Spring usually sneaks in one day at a time starting in early March.  We have those days peppered with great temperatures in the 70’s. They gently tease us into leaving our winter coats at home, only to surprise us once again with cold temperatures and snow.

For those of you who don’t know, Colorado is known for having a varied climate, particularly in spring.  We are often spoiled with a glorious 75 degree day in early March often to be followed by a snowstorm the very next day. That is part of the joy of living here.  Skiing or snowboarding one day and then being able to ride your bike or skateboard the next. It somehow makes our winters very tolerable, unlike those endless days of cold and grey skies felt in Midwestern winters.

To our surprise, this year’s weather had been unusual with heavy snowstorms falling into May; Winter seemed never ending.   Like it or not, our normally beautiful Spring was interrupted by our ever so unpredictable Mother Nature! The beautiful flowering trees were short lived, as were our early spring flowers.

Which takes me back to this morning.  I pulled out of my garage to be surprised by the bright yellow blooms of my Geum plant.  It has been growing in a west facing rock border for years, and rather sluggishly I must say. However, to my delight, my Geum has suddenly tripled in size and the blooms are very large in comparison to any other years blooms.

What made it even more surprising is how early it is blooming.  The difference this year I believe,  is because of those extra spring snowstorms and added moisture.  There is nothing else different. What is more amazing?  I also noticed my other perennials with large, full buds ready to burst open; early too!

Summer is coming!  How do I know this?  Not by looking at my calendar, but with the gentle, visual reminder Mother Nature has been giving me.  She is telling me to pay attention to my surroundings and to enjoy the change into the Summer season.

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