Protea? Who knew?

protea 2proteaprotea 1protea 5

So, today I received a beautiful bouquet featuring the most unusual flowers.  I had never seen any of them before which made me quite curious as to what they were. I quickly googled “exotic flowers in arrangements” and voila, up the names and pictures came.

The yellow flowers are: Pincushion Protea aka Leucospermum.  The are absolutely fabulous!  A glorious yellow flower with firm, orange spiky tips.   The pink flowers are also Protea but the genus Longifolia.  They remind me somewhat of an artichoke.  They have beautiful firm petals with an interesting center, much like an artichoke.

Of course, there were many other gorgeous flowers in this arrangement, but these were certainly the focal point for a reason.  They are grown in the African region so sadly I will have to hope someday I will receive another bouquet with these glorious blooms!

Until then, I will have my lovely photos to remind me of these most unusual beauties!








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