Have mercy! No thank you when it comes to BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS!


I am sure many of you have done exactly what I am about to share with you.  On Saturday, I decided to divide some of my wildflowers and plant them in an ugly rock garden in our backyard.

Being a bit lazy, I wore my sandals and did not have gardening gloves on.  I just dug, divided and went to the rock garden to plant.   I am not talking about little rocks, I am talking about rocks the size of ostrich eggs.  The former owners somehow thought a pile of these white, orb like wonders would be a wonderful yard accent.  NOT!

Anyhow, I walked all over them, picked them up, moved them around, and squeezed about 8 plant divisions into whatever cracks I could get to dirt in.  Ahhhhh, I was pleased!  I had the satisfaction of knowing by summers end, I would see growth and flowers, making the rock pile look like it made sense.  It was a wildflower garden.

The next day, I decided to plant one more division in the garden.  Once again, in sandals, no gloves, I perched myself on top of the rocks.  Looking around, I found the perfect spot and began to move a rock to make the plant fit.  All of a sudden I noticed a very fast paced “something” running towards my hand.  I looked down too see a very large spider quickly retreating back to his spot under the rock.  I also noticed the very red, hourglass shape on its underbelly.  OMG!  A black widow within mere millimeters of my fingers!  YIKES!

Silly me, I had no idea that under this rock garden was an active world of who knows what living creatures.  Especially that of a Black Widow Spider!  I read the bite of a black widow is 15 times stronger than that of the prairie rattlesnake.  Holy cow!  Had I been bitten would I have even known it was a black widow?  Would I be dead?  Well, the good news is probably not.  But I wouldn’t want to find out regardless.  So, the question became how do I take care of this potentially dangerous issue.

I went to a few websites for information and felt they gave good information for my needs:  https://www.desertusa.com/insects/black-widow-spider-extermination.html and https://www.desertusa.com/insects/black-widow-spider-bite.html     I also consulted my works exterminator who gave me some wonderful information on “Diatomaceous Earth” as a more natural remedy for taking care of the creepy crawlies around my garden and home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love spiders and bugs and have a very good understanding of the benefits they offer in a garden.  I do however have to draw the line on the more sinister of crawlies in yard areas I will be frequenting.  So, I will be using this “remedy” for my rock area.  Mostly because I still have many plantings to do this summer in this rock garden.  After that, nature can do its thing again with no interference from me.

So, in writing this, I hope to impress upon you to wear proper gardening gear,no matter how familiar you are with your yard and its crawlies!  Cuz’ lurking underneath the most simple of objects could be a very big foe!




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