Life Is Busy, Take A Moment For You

TreeYesterday, was of course, another gorgeous day in the Mile High City.  Blue skies, bright sunshine and a whopping 90 degrees.  One of my favorite things about living here is pretty much being guaranteed blue skies and brilliant sunshine; even in the winter.

I, like many of you, spend my days getting up, going to work, going home and starting the same routine over the next day.  When I am at work, I try to get outside and walk if time, and more importantly, the temperatures cooperate with me.  I am not a great fan of heat or extreme cold.  When the temps get above 85 or dip anywhere below 40, that’s it, I hunker down.  I am truly a fair weather girl!

I do however, have to give myself some kudos! Even with the temperatures hitting 90, I did go out on my lunch hour and attempt to take a walk. Unfortunately, it was just too hot and I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.  I mean really, who wants to work the rest of the day with that hanky, sweaty smell? Not me.

Since I still had at least 30 minutes, I decided to sit down and enjoy the shade from the trees.  I was amazed how the shade dropped the temperature by about 10 degrees.  The temperature became bearable and I could actually manage the heat. As I sat there,  I became aware of the beautiful, gentle breeze I had been oblivious to when I had been walking.

It was quiet, peaceful and cathartic to take a few minutes; soaking in the sights, sounds and smells on such a gorgeous day.  Sitting under the trees, I had forgotten how beautiful it was to see the sky  between the gently rustling leaves.  The branches parting ever so slightly with the breeze; allowing the blue sky and moving clouds to peek through. Beautiful and yet, so, so, peaceful!

What can I say?  It was a few minutes, forced by the 90 degree temperatures, that encouraged me to just sit, breathe, relax, and enjoy that little bit of  nature I would have other wise been oblivious to.

Find that moment.  It is sometimes right there in front of you and you don’t even realize it.  And remember, life happens, even when you aren’t looking.  Start looking!










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