Mushrooms in your lawn? Nuisance or beauty?





I love the time of year when the weather is hot, the lawn is green, and my over watered lawn is dotted with random mushrooms.  I must admit, I still think of any mushroom not sold in the grocery store as a most certain “doorway to death”.   You know, those insidious ‘shrooms known to send people into the most agonizing of deaths; all in the pursuit of a free meal from Mother Nature.

That being said, deadly or not, I find myself on my knees looking at their  interesting colors, shapes, and natural designs.  I can’t help myself.  Mushrooms  are beautiful!  Spend some time really looking at them.  I think in the end, while you may still want to dig them up, stomp on them or risk your life to eat them;  you will certainly appreciate them more.


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